Please report any contagious diseases in your household.  Please do not send children who are not feeling well to school.  If your child is taking medication, please inform the teachers.



With the arrival of the winter season, so comes the season for illness.  Your child's health and wellness is a major concern to all of us.  As your child should not miss school needlessly, it is also important that sick children stay home.  The following information will help you in protecting your child's health and the other children as well.

Do not send your child to school if he/she has:

·         a fever (100 degrees F or higher) or has had a fever during the previous 24 hours

·         been taking an antibiotic for less than 24 hours

·         a heavy nasal discharge

·         a persistent cough

·         untreated impetigo

·         inflamed and/or discharge in the eye(s)

·         an undiagnosed skin lesion, rash or hives

·         diarrhea or vomiting within the previous 24 hours







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